Frequently Asked Questions

The realm of the spiritual is full of mysteries. We encourage you to use your intuition and creativity to explore it for yourself. Here we try to answer our most frequently asked questions.


Are Spirit Boards dangerous?

Any tool can be dangerous if used improperly. Each of our ouija board come with an instructions booklet, which will make it easy for users to have a safe, insightful session. Ouija boards can also be used like pendulum boards, which is a safe way of divination that does not invoke any spirits.

Are these Spirit Boards haunted?

The ouija boards in our shop arrive to you immediately after production, and have never been used to invoke a spirit, therefore, they hold no energies, ghosts, or spirits. They're clean slates, ready for a new home!

What is the correct way to use a Spirit Board?

There are many ways to use a spirit board. Our boards come with an instructions booklet that will give you all you need to have a safe, communicative session.

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